The Five Points of the 十博体育平台

The ‘Five Points of a Star” represent the core tenants of the the 十博体育平台 Prep Academy program. They are the school Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRS).


1. Critical Thinkers

is defined at 十博体育平台 Prep as an individual who consistently pushes his or her thinking by skillfully analyzing, assessing, and reconstructing information from various outlets. Critical thinkers are self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and up to the rigorous tasks of meeting new challenges. Critical thinkers tend to be effective problem solvers and show commitment to always trying their best.

How do we show this?

  • Rigorous Standards Based Curriculum

  • Honors and AP courses

  • Hands On Explorative instruction (Ex: Technology/ Rock-band)

  • Passion Projects (Ex: Cosplay)

  • Homework Lab/ Independent Instruction

  • College Preparatory Services

2. Empowered Leaders

十博体育平台 defines empowered leaders as those individuals who possess the confidence and strength to lead others in a positive and constructive manner. Empowered leaders bring out the best in their teammates, help others succeed, are accountable for their actions, and prepared to meet future roadblocks and challenges. They take pride in their school environment and want to do their best for the community.

How do we show this?

  • Student Leadership team/ Student Government - responsible for:

  • Developing and implementing Monthly Spirit Days

  • Organizing school wide events

  • Working as student Ambassadors

  • Local Community events

  • Grad Night Event

  • Student run and developed programs

  • Student organized clases

3. Expressive Communicators

十博体育平台 Prep encourages all our students to be expressive communicators through self advocacy, collaboration, and effective solutions to interpersonal conflicts. Expressive communicators speak their minds, work to communicate disagreements positively, and are effective listeners. Our students are encouraged to speak up in defense of others, become activists for their beliefs, and demonstrate empathy to the needs of others. Expressive communicators get the job done and makes things happen.

How do we show this?

  • Student Ambassadors

  • SCAC Meetings

  • Student Led Conferences

  • Student Elections/ Speeches

  • Debate/ Activism Class

  • Council/ Community Circle

  • Writer’s Cafe

  • Rock-band Concerts (Spookstock/ Night on Broadway)

  • Open Door Policies

  • Student Achievement Meetings

4. Global Citizens

十博体育平台 Prep encourages students to look at the larger world beyond of the school setting. We encourage students to become part of the emerging world community, striving for justice, equality, and civil rights around the world. Global citizens foster actions that contribute to the strength of the community's values and practices overall. Global citizens encourage cultural awareness, understand our connection to the environment, and identify their impact on others.

How do we show this?

  • ECO Station

  • International Students

  • Japanese Student exchange

  • Student Travel

  • Catalina Island

  • New Mexico/Arizona

  • Zion/ Arches Nat’l Parks

  • Washington DC

  • Channel Islands

  • Outdoor Learning Experiences

5. Lifelong Learners

are defined as individuals with the intrinsic motivation to constantly seek out new knowledge and improve their understanding of the larger world in general. Lifelong learners pursue constant growth for personal and professional reasons. They consistently seek out ways to challenge themselves and enhance their skills and strategies to perfect their craft.

How do we show this?

  • Student Passion Projects

  • Student Led Portfolios

  • Student Murals

  • Senior Interviews

  • Career Days/ Professional Speakers

  • Art Walks/ Fashion Tours

  • College Tours

  • Outside Professional Development for Teachers

  • Entrepreneurs/ Community Business excursions

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